Technology at Bilkays


Advanced trucking and logistics technologies are used by Bilkays and DWS so customers enjoy the best treatment, freight is handled most efficiently, and operations are maximized every step of the way. 

Transportation Tracking

Every truck in the Bilkays fleet is monitored 24 hours a day using routing optimization software, and dispatch GPS tracking and tracing. This helps ensure on-time delivery. 

Electronic Data Interchange (EDI)

Bilkays offers a full range of EDI transaction sets to meet customers' needs. The result is less paperwork and faster exchange of data at multiple levels between the DWS systems, customer systems, and the company receiving the shipments.

RF Warehouse Management System (WMS)

DWS' RF Warehouse Inventory Management System (WMS) controls the movement and storage of materials within the DWS warehouse (LINK) and processes transactions such as receiving, putaway, picking and shipping for highly efficient operations. The WMS uses automatic identification and data capture technology, including barcode scanners, mobile computers, wireless LANs and radio-frequency to efficiently monitor the flow of goods in the warehouse. 
Technology at Bilkays

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