Trucking - Bilkays


Bilkays offers pool consolidation/distribution services through a centralized distribution center in Linden, NJ. Located right in the middle of the most densely populated region of the United States, Bilkays can reach any point in the Northeast or Mid-Atlantic regions within one day’s transit time. Why ask drivers to navigate tight and congested city streets when you can ship and pickup from one centralized location? 

Using Bilkays for your pool consolidation and distribution programs delivers a number of benefits:
  • Improved transit times
  • Maintain shipment integrity
  • Save time and money compared to multi-stop truckloads
  • Reduced claims potential due to less handling
  • Reduced overall freight costs
  • Greater flexibility and control over your shipment
  • Consistently meet customer delivery requirements/expectations.
Bilkays can help eliminate the lost profits and business that can come from these dilemmas through its pool consolidation/distribution services, which improve transit times, maintain shipment integrity, reduce claim potential due to less handling, and reduce freight costs.

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