Location. Technology. Experience. These are the determining factors when companies select a warehouse partner. DWS passes these tests with flying colors by providing a state-of-the-art facility in Linden, NJ staffed by trained professionals. The result is DWS can meet your distribution warehouse needs, including contract warehousing and custom packaging. 
DWS has 250,000-square feet of warehousing utilizing a state-of-the-art Radio Frequency (RF) Warehouse Management System (WMS), as well as in-house customized reporting capabilities. What this all means is that DWS can easily meet your inventory management needs and order fulfillment requirements. Integrating leading-edge technology places DWS at the forefront of real-time inventory management control. 
DWS can customize a full logistics solution that meets your needs to grow your business and reduce supply chain costs. Whether it’s consolidating your raw materials, cross dock to customers, pick & pack, case pick or assemble displays, DWS has the technology, facilities, and experience to tailor a program to your specific needs.


• Bar code scanning
• E-commerce fulfillment
• Electronic data interchange
• Electronic order tracking
• Shipment tracking
• UPS & FedEx manifest systems


• Innovative pricing
• Inventory management
• Cross-docking
• Labeling and ticketing 
• Order picking
• Pick & pack
• Tailored distribution programs

Distribution Warehouse Services at Bilkays

TOP PROS and WAREHOUSING "It’s always a  pleasure working with  the pros at Bilkays." —M. Smith, NYC